Induction heating equipment Induction heating equipment is a process equipment which is used to braze,heat treating, harden,melt,forge or soften metals or other conductive materials. For many modern manufacturing processes, Induction heating equipment offers an attractive combination of speed, consistency and control.
The basic principles of induction heating have been understood and applied to manufacturing since the 1920s. During World War II, the technology developed rapidly to meet urgent wartime requirements for a fast, reliable process to harden metal engine parts. More recently, the focus on lean manufacturing techniques and emphasis on improved quality control have led to a rediscovery of induction technology, along with the development of precisely controlled, all solid state induction power supplies.

Induction heating equipment relies on the unique characteristics of induction heating radio frequency (RF) energy - that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum below infrared and microwave energy. Since heat is transferred to the product via electromagnetic waves, the part never comes into direct contact with any flame, the inductor itself does not get hot, and there is no product contamination. When properly set up, the process becomes very repeatable and controllable.

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Pregnancy Insurance Cover policy Maternity Insurance cover

Religare Health Insurance launch Maternity Insurance Plan - Buy instant policy, No paper work‎ with Cashless @ 4100 hospitals. Religare Health Insurance launch one of the most joyous experiences one can ever have. 

That’s why we have designed ‘JOY’ - that not only covers hospitalization expenses during pregnancy but also addresses your maternity and health needs, for both today and tomorrow.
When a member of your family is sick or hurt, the last thing you want to think about is how you’re going to pay for it. You just want them to get the care they need right away. 

That’s why its important to do your homework now and get the right family health insurance plan today so you don’t have to think about it when something does come up.Health insurance plans that provide maternity coverage will generally cover the standard medical costs associated with a healthy pregnancy. 

‘JOY’ -  with Maternity and new born cover has unique features like Health Insurance Policy
  • Cashless treatment at 4100+ hospitals
  • A perfect blend of hospitalization and maternity insurance
  • Industry’s lowest 'Waiting period' of only 9 months for maternity related claims.
  • New born baby cover
  • 100% increase of sum insured with no claim bonanza


    Plan Details
    Sum Insured – On annual basis
    Rs. 3 Lakh
    Rs. 5 Lakh
    Hospitalisation Expenses
    Yes, up to Sum Insured
    Yes, up to Sum Insured
    Room Category
    Single Private Room with AC
    Single Private Room with AC
    Pre-Hospitalisation Medical Expenses
    Up to 30 days
    Up to 30 days
    Post-Hospitalisation Medical Expenses
    Up to 60 days
    Up to 60 days
    Ambulance Cover
    Up to Rs. 1,000 per Claim
    Up to Rs. 1,000 per Claim
    Maternity Cover (including Pre-natal & Post-Natal expenses)
    Up to Rs. 35,000
    Up to Rs. 50,000
    Newborn Baby Cover
    Up to Rs. 30,000
    Up to Rs. 50,000
    No Claim Bonanza (Optional Benefit)

Policy Terms
Entry Age - Minimum
Adult: 18 years
Child: 1 Day
New Born: 1 Day
Entry Age - Maximum
Adult: 65 years
Child: 24 years
New Born: 90 Days
Exit Age
Cover Type
Individual/ Family Floater
Lifelong Renewability. The policy can be renewed under the then prevailing Health Insurance with Maternity Benefit Product or its nearest substitute approved by IRDA
If you enroll at the age of 61 years or more, you will have to pay 20% of the claim amount under the policy. We pay the rest.
Waiting Period
30 days for any illness except accident
9 months for maternity
2 years for specific treatments/illness
4 years for pre-existing diseases
Grace Period
30 days from the date of expiry to renew the policy
Policy Tenure
3 years
Maternity Cover
Available only up to 45 years of age

What is not covered? 
  • Any pre-existing ailment/injury that was diagnosed/acquired within 48 months prior to issuance of the first policy
  • Any diseases contracted during first 30 days of the policy start date except those arising out of accidents
  • Non-allopathic treatment.
  • Expenses attributable to self-inflicted injury (resulting from suicide, attempted suicide)
  • Expenses arising out of or attributable to alcohol or drug use/misuse/abuse
  • Cost of spectacles/contant lenses, dental treatment
  • Medical expenses incurred for treatment of AIDS
  • Congenital disease
  • Tests and treatment relating to infertility and in-vitro fertilisation.

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